Other services

Consultancy and website review service.

I offer an holistic approach to working with clients, enabling me to explore the granular aspects of your business relating to branding and marketing, in conjunction with the design of your website. This gives you the confidence to make informed decisions for the best chance of success.

Consultancy and Coaching

Whether you are looking to create a personal brand or a larger business, I can help you:

✅ Explore market potential online
✅ Identify, segment and profile your target market
✅ Build your values
✅ Build a brand identity
✅ Address intellectual property protection
✅ Create a marketing strategy
✅ Build momentum
✅ Stay motivated
✅ Break through your personal barriers

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Website review service

If you have a website but know it's not quite right, I can help you identify where you can make improvements.

I provide a series of screencast walkthrough videos with written recommendations for solutions addressing specific key aspects of your website, such as:

✅ Speed
✅ Styling
✅ Calls to action
✅ UX (user experience)
✅ Brand accuracy and relevancy
✅ Copy (accuracy, efficiency, effectiveness and tone of voice)
✅ Keyword influences on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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Graphic design and image creation

From website graphics to comprehensive printed publications, I can cover a wide range of graphic design projects.

I also use Midjourney to create AI imagery for a wide range of applications:

Midjourney Documentation and User Guide
Midjourney Documentation and User Guide
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