What to consider before you commission a website

Learn about what you need to understand before you go ahead with a website design.

What to consider before you commission a website

🚨 If you don't need a website, forget it. The cost, time and energy will be counterproductive. There are other ways to get noticed: social media, printed promo material, advertising, networking etc.

🚨 A website does not replace taking action to push whatever it is you're selling: yourself, a widget, software, or an idea.

🚨 It's not cheap. If it is cheap, it may not be good. Is it good enough? Under no circumstances skim over the topic of cost. Even if you are going to create a website yourself, you still have to spend money.

🚨 If you decide to create a website yourself, know that the website builders still require a level of technical understanding. And if you don't have an eye for design, it's probably not going to look great. Again, ask yourself if that's good enough.

🚨 Building, testing, feeding and maintaining a website is going to suck time and energy. And much more than you think.

🚨 On the note of time, constantly tweaking your website based on nothing but your feelings is one of the greatest ways to burn away your days. Your soul will die before your website does.

🚨 If you want an e-commerce website, use a dedicated e-commerce platform, such as Shopify. You'd rather climb Everest naked than use Woocommerce with WordPress.

🚨 Use your own domain name and connect this to your website and your email. If you're going all-in, you may as well look pro.